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The Visitor - Various - Noise (Cassette)


  1. Akinora
    Compact cassettes were introduced by Philips as an office dictation medium, never intended to be a competitor with vinyl. Their narrow tracks and slow tape speed virtually assured nothing more than voice recordings could be expected. That said, so.
  2. Zulmaran
    Oct 23,  · A really good cassette deck will have a high frequency response in the range of kHz using Type II tape. Metal tape can be as high as 20kHz, and normal bias form 12 - 16, depending on the tape deck and noise reduction used or not used. Decks from Nakamichi, Tascam, Denon, etc, tend to sound more open with better high frequency response.
  3. Zulukasa
    Nov 22,  · Obviously, introducing Dolby‐B techniques of noise reduction into the final tape product, or even Dolbyizing old master tapes is only part of the answer to improving cassette sound.
  4. Gomi
    they can disintegrate due to physical wear, just like a record. and the thin tape can be less robust than a record, for sure. but i have tapes from that still sound great. the only real thing you have to worry about is physical damage to the tape, or a magnetic force reorienting the magnetic particles that create the analog waveform transcribed to the tape. it's not just going to fade.
  5. Sak
    Plug it into a different outlet if the first outlet doesn’t work. If the second outlet still provides nothing but silence, plug in another device. If that device doesn’t work, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. Remove the cassette tape and unplug the machine if the sound is sometimes distorted or appears to be playing in slow.
  6. Vudozil
    Dec 22,  · I have an old Sony cassette deck (about 18 years old). Recently, I noticed that if I hit "play" without a tape in the deck, a significant amount of noise was produced, and this noise was present when transferring a tape to my computer. So I bought a brand new Sony cassette deck, thinking this would solve the problem. It didn't.
  7. Nagul
    Ive got a buick rendezvous 03 and have had to use a cassette adapter since theres no aux port. Recently, my cassette adapter ive had for like 5 years dies, and I got philips cassette adapter. It sounded horrible. So i took it back and grabbed the expensive monster one. Sounded exactly the same, very tinny and low quality sound.

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